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Atticus® Dominate Your Market

Do You Want to Be the "Go-To' Law Firm in Your Market?

Dominate Your Market®

Dominate Your Market is an advanced coaching program that will not only transform your experience of the practice of law; but will also give you an enormous competitive advantage, one that will last a lifetime.

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TO REGISTER: Contact David Phelps at 678-595-8738(direct) or via email:

Do You Qualify?

This program is for already successful, entrepreneurial attorneys, who want to be the absolute “go to” attorney in their market. Not interested in the status quo, these attorneys see a big future for themselves. They are coachable, energetic, know how to make tough decisions and implement new ideas. The program is exclusive in that you must already be a highly successful practitioner to participate, but more importantly, direct competitors are not allowed on your team.

How does it work?

During the four sessions per year, you’ll work with great coaches, transformational content and a community of peers that will challenge you to bring out your best thinking, ideas, and strategies. With each session, the status quo (that which your competitors are focused on) will be turned on its head. Between sessions, the Atticus support team and resource center will keep you focused and on target. You’ll have an Atticus Program Advisor™, an Atticus Resource Advisor™, Advanced Implementation Tools™ (turn-key time management, marketing, staffing, cash flow systems), and a monthly call to energize your plans.

TO REGISTER and for questions: Contact David Phelps at 678-595-8738 (direct) or via email:

What Do Our Clients Say?

“I have had the best income in years…working with Atticus.”
“I take more than 175 days off per year.”…”We have made strides in revenue growth, systems…I don’t know how we would have succeeded to the level we have had without this coaching.”…”It’s made a huge difference in my firm and in my life.”…”I’ve doubled the revenue of the practice. Twice.”…”I get asked by other attorneys whether they should participate, and I say don’t think about it, don’t examine it. DO IT.”…”If you want your practice to serve your clients and your team don’t think twice.”

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Program Details

What Results Should You Expect?

  • More Money. Significant increases in gross revenue and personal income.You will be able to double your revenue…at least once.
  • Passive Income. A larger percentage of your personal income will be based on your firm’s profits vs. your personal production.
  • ROI. Ten times return on your investment in the program.
  • Innovations. You will develop innovative approaches and quantum leaps in client value.
  • Free Time. You will create dramatic increases in free time and be able to take a mini-sabbatical with ease.
  • Market Leader. You’ll be viewed as the “go to” attorney in your market.
  • Legacy. You will develop an exit plan and ensure that the firm has a legacy beyond you.
  • High Level Referrals. In our experience, program participants develop strong bonds, send each other business, co-counsel on cases and partner on marketing ventures.
  • Unfair Advantage. A competitive advantage that lasts you a lifetime!

10 Crucial Reasons to Participate

  • Everything Changes. Once you make the decision to be the “go to lawyer” in your market and surround yourself with like-minded peers, your view of the world changes.
  • So Your Competitor Doesn’t! Given the forces of change at play in the legal profession and the exclusive nature of this program, you do not want to see your competitor lock you out.
  • Coaching Works. The key to quantum leaps in your practice is admitting there are things you don’t know, that you don’t know.
  • The Best Coaches. You’ll be coached by two of the best. Mark Powers and Steve Riley have a history of taking top producing attorneys and getting extraordinary results.
  • Law Firm Innovations. During this program you will create and see law firm innovations that will boggle your competitor’s minds.
  • Return On Investment. Your annual investment in this program is $14,950, not including your travel and lodging. Your Rate of Return will be ten times your investment.
  • GREAT Players. You’ll have a seat at the table with other entrepreneurial attorneys, like yourself, who will challenge you, inspire you, and transform you.
  • GREAT Referrals. You’ll develop trust and respect with successful peers practicing in different regions and states. These relationships lead to good referrals.
  • GREAT Team. We know that you have a good team in your office, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this far.
  • The Atticus Guarantee! If you decide after your first workshop that the program isn’t for you, we will provide you with a full refund.

Dominate Your Market Facilitators:

Mark Powers

Mark Powers, President of Atticus, has been coaching attorneys for nearly twenty years. He is the founder and developer of the first personalized training program dedicated to teaching attorneys the lasting skills and habits necessary for practice development. These skills include strategic planning, client development, customer service, prioritization, time blocking, managing interruptions, financial management, staffing, and delegation.

Mark is a national speaker who has worked with members of the American Bar Association and bar associations in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York and other states. He co-authored “The Making of a Rainmaker: An Ethical Approach to Marketing for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners,” published by The Florida Bar. A nationally recognized expert in the field, Mark has also been featured in publications such as Lawyers Weekly USA, Money magazine, American Bar Association Journal, Florida Bar News, and Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers Journal.

Mark previously served as the chief executive officer and president of a multi-million-dollar, privately held company, and as a corporate manager in a Fortune 500 company based in Connecticut. A native of Massachusetts, he has a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston. His undergraduate studies include a bachelor’s degree in economics and criminal justice. His mission at Atticus is to keep you focused on what is really important in your life, to provide you with the training and skills necessary to build and maintain a sustainable practice and, finally, to provide a structure of accountability and support for achieving your goals.

An internationally known speaker, Mark has spoken to thousands of attorneys in multiple venues, such as The American Bar Association and The Law Society of Scotland. He has spoken to Bar Associations in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, Texas and has delivered presentation to law organizations such as The Fund, Wyoming Trial Lawyers, the Dallas INBLF and Tennessee Trial Lawyers.

Steve Riley

Steve Riley has coached attorneys for more than 15 years. His one-on-one coaching focuses on a limited number of top producing attorneys committed to taking their practices to new levels of excellence, profit and personal success. He also presents at group coaching workshops around the country for individual law firms, state bar associations and other legal organizations.

In addition to being one of the top law firm coaches in the country, Steve is an award-winning attorney. He built his estate planning practice into a million dollar business using innovative management and marketing skills. The bulk of his practice’s client base was developed through word-of-mouth referrals from highly satisfied clients and a network of legal and financial professionals who trust Steve’s legal expertise and integrity.

Steve’s most recent book, “The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Laws of Practice Growth,” is available on Amazon. He is a frequent speaker at legal association events nationally. Steve also is a contributing author to estate planning six books, including “Basic Estate Planning in Florida.”

In 2006, Steve won the National Small Law Firm Practice Innovation Award for his creation of the Double Your Revenue™ workshop — a life-changing practice management workshop currently used by Atticus, and ElderCounsel and featured in Lawyers Weekly.
Steve is a graduate of Berry College and the University of Florida School Of Law. He and his wife, Kristen, have two children, Grace and Mark.