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Retreat Facilitation

Whether your firm conducts an annual strategic retreat, or you do no,t but recognize the need to get “out of the office” for both education and strategic planning, Phelps Legal Consulting can help. At Phelps Legal Consulting we apply a practical and proven methodology to help you work through your critical issues to create and implement a plan that works for your firm. We've been conducting firm retreats for more than 20 years. The following are just some of the questions we help firms address as a part of the planning session include:

Going Over Results
  • Do you have a plan to grow your business by 25-50% this year?
  • Do you have a plan to develop a highly systematized practice (or practice groups)?
  • Are you properly leveraged? (and if not, what is your plan to become properly leveraged?)
  • How do we get the entire firm "pulling together" to execute on our plan?

We typically spend a day (or more) with the partners conducting a powerful session that will produce actionable tasks to help move the firm forward to desired results. Coming out of the session, firm shareholders will have a written action plan, tasks, task owners and completion dates with follow-up to help you implement purposeful and intentional change in your firm.

Is a Law Firm Retreat Appropriate for You?

There are several important reasons why law firms consider retreats. The reasons include the following: team building – spending time with team members and partners in a more relaxed environment fosters a greater sense of collegiality; dealing with compelling issues in the firm – such as compensation plans, exit strategies, and succession planning; developing an actionable strategic plan to intentionally shape the future direction of the firm. We are confident we can bring added value and results that are not normally achieved in law firm retreats.


  • Confidential interview with each partner
  • A DISC behavioral profile completed on each partner
  • Comprehensive diagnostic w/ each partner leading to the creation and approval of an agenda designed to deal with your firm’s specific issues.
  • Tangible deliverables/action plan
  • Quarterly follow up on progress.

If you would like to discuss the notion of an effective planning session further, please contact David Phelps at 678-595-8738 or via email: