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Coaching Programs

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One-on-One Coaching

Is coaching right for you? It may well be, if you are an attorney seeking:

• A consistent influx of new, quality “A” clients to your practice who you enjoy working with (and who pay your bills on time)
• Significantly increased productivity and/or billable hours (without working more hours)
• Reduced stress with boundaries and a more comfortable work/life balance
• An HR/staffing system that identifies and hires the best candidates for the job that are not only technically proficient but who are also a good “cultural fit” and possess the critical intangibles like
• Sound firm financial management systems including KPIs, scorecarding,  Pareto analysis and firm budgeting
• “Big Picture” strategic planning

Whether you’re in the early stages of building your practice, mid-career and seeing income/revenue plateau or you operate an operationally- sound firm and are looking to make the jump from “good” to “great”, Phelps Legal Consulting can help. We’re experienced business coaches and we apply proven systems, processes and strategies. We’re not “life coaches”, although our clients do experience significant reductions in stress and overall increases in career satisfaction as a result of working with us. Call us today at 800-644-1264 for a no cost consultation or a more detailed firm SWOT analysis.

Depending on the client’s needs, our coaching/consulting services include:

• Comprehensive Marketing Strategy including referral based marketing and passive/PR strategies including website, SEO, social media, etc.
• Attorney time management, including workflow, systems, effective delegation
• Comprehensive law firm HR/staffing systems including complete hiring process, performance reviews, assistance in development of office policy & procedure manual, attorney and staff bonus structures
• Comprehensive financial management systems including P&L analysis, monthly dashboards for tracking key performance indicators, billing analysis, A/R analysis, collection policies and procedures, law firm budgeting and pareto analysis

Retreat Facilitation

Whether your firm conducts an annual strategic retreat or you do not but recognize the need to get “out of the office” for both education and strategic planning, Phelps Legal Consulting can help. At Phelps Legal Consulting we apply a practical and proven methodology to help you work through your critical issues to create and implement a plan that works for your firm. We've been conducting firm retreats for more than 20 years. The following are just some of the questions we help firms address as a part of the planning session include:

• Do you have a plan to grow your business by 25-50% this year?
• Do you have a plan to develop a highly systematized practice (or practice groups)?
• Are you properly leveraged? (and if not, what is your plan to become properly leveraged?)
• How do we get the entire firm "pulling together" to execute on our plan?

We typically spend a day (or more) with the partners conducting a powerful session that will produce actionable tasks to help move the firm forward to desired results. Coming out of the session, firm shareholders will have a written action plan, tasks, task owners and completion dates with follow up to help you implement purposeful and intentional change in your firm.


• Confidential interview with each partner
• A DISC behavioral profile completed on each partner
• Comprehensive diagnostic w/ each partner leading to the creation and approval of an agenda designed to deal with your firm’s specific issues.
• Tangible deliverables/action plan
• Quarterly follow up on progress.

If you would like to discuss the notion of an effective planning session further, please contact David Phelps at 678-403-4216 or via email at

Succession Planning

Will you continue to enjoy benefits from what you have built after you transition?

One of the most critical and time sensitive issues being discussed among law firm owners and shareholders in their 50's and 60's is how to exit their law practice in the next 10 to 15 years, and in a way that lets them:

• Harvest the value of what you have built up over the years
• Appraise the value of your practice
• Prepare the next generation to lead the firm and build a legacy
• Retain a productive role

Phelps Legal Consulting offers a “virtual course” for attorneys who have two to 10+ years until they plan to transition: How does the course work and when does it start?

In a private, one-on-one virtual course, an experienced law firm consultant will take you through a proven process of succession planning for attorneys. The course length is approximately 180 days and is typically delivered in two, one-hour dedicated sessions per month. It includes a set syllabus and accompanying materials and homework. 

Contact us today with any questions or to register at 1-800-664-1264.

Whether your ultimate goal is to execute the sale of the firm to an outside buyer or to transition to an internal successor, this course provides you the tools and structure you'll need.

Course Highlights

• Development of transition scenarios
• Defining and targeting buyers
• Creation of a detailed succession plan, including a roadmap, customized to your firm and situation
• Practice valuation, including brand valuation and website assessment
• Steps to take to maximize value
• Options on how to be compensated
• An associate selection and development plan
• Financial strategies

To register for the course, or if there are any questions, please contact David Phelps at 678-403-4216 or via email ( A detailed course outline can be sent to interested firm owners or shareholders upon request. 

Double Your Revenue by Atticus®

Significantly increase your income, without increasing your hours, stress or overhead.

About The Workshop

You'll isolate efforts that produce the quickest and most effective financial results for your firm, and focus on making progress through manageable action steps.

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Breakthrough Ideas

Participants generate dozens of breakthrough ideas, and build a 10-step Practice Growth MapTM.

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Identify Goals

You'll identify specific goals for your practice, and develop a structured execution plan to achieve those goals.

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Focus on Growth

You'll leave the workshop armed with tools to help you stay focused on activities that bring the greatest return.

Building Your 10-Step Practice Growth Map™: The Foundation of the Double Your Revenue™ Workshop

You'll create a step-by-step implementation plan for doubling your law firm's revenue, which will identify and organize the most effective money-making ideas generated at the workshop. In building a Practice Growth Map™, law firm owners experience a breakthrough in how they view running a practice, and leave excited and determined about the growth potential for their business.
This workshop will transform your mindset about growth and finances, and provide you with structured tools to optimize revenue generation.

DOUBLE YOUR REVENUE WORKSHOP – Fast track your law firm’s growth
Pricing: Starting at $1,295

TO REGISTER (or if you have any questions): Contact David Phelps directly at 678-403-4216 office or via email:

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SAN FRANCISCO - Friday, March 16, 2018
Workshop Leader:
Steve Riley, Certified Practice Advisor
CHICAGO - Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Workshop Leader:
Mark Powers, President / Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor
BOSTON - Thursday, August 30, 2018
Workshop Leader:
Mark Powers, President / Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor

TO REGISTER (OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS): Contact David Phelps at 678-403-4216 (direct) or via email:

Dominate Your Market by Atticus®

One of our most effective programs is Dominate Your Market, an advanced coaching program that will not only transform the way you practice law but also give you an enormous, lifelong competitive advantage. This program is aimed at lawyers who are already successful and entrepreneurial but want to be the absolute "go to" attorney in their market. Not interested in the status quo, these attorneys see a big future for themselves. They are coachable, energetic, and know how to make tough decisions and implement new ideas. The program is exclusive in that you must already be a highly successful practitioner to participate, but more importantly, direct competitors are not allowed on your team.

How It Works

During the four sessions per year, you'll work with knowledgeable coaches, transformational content, and a community of peers that will challenge you to bring out your best thinking, ideas, and strategies. With each session, the status quo – which your competitors are still focusing on – will be turned on its head. Between sessions, the Atticus support team and resource center will keep you focused and on target. You'll have an Atticus Program Advisor™, an Atticus Resource Advisor™, Advanced Implementation Tools™ (turn-key time management, marketing, staffing, cash flow systems), and a monthly call to energize your plans.

Atticus Testimonials

"I have had the best income in years…working with Atticus."

"I take more than 175 days off per year."

"We have made strides in revenue growth, systems…I don't know how we would have succeeded to the level we have had without this coaching."

"It's made a huge difference in my firm and in my life."

"I've doubled the revenue of the practice. Twice."

"I get asked by other attorneys whether they should participate, and I say don't think about it, don't examine it. DO IT."

"If you want your practice to serve your clients and your team don't think twice."